Country Review & Risk Analysis Consultancy

 Country Review & Risk Analysis Consultancy  (CRRC)  is an independent organization that provides reliable and professional advice on current situations of countries and regions worldwide for organizations, companies and private persons .

In our products we focus on current and actual  complex political situations or developments primarily in the non-European world,  which we try to explain and so offer our customers a solid background when considering (business-)  plans or any other activities abroad. This  information or advice might lead to a more stable planning or a safer execution of ideas.  

CRRC’s main focus is on the non-European ( non-EU)  world. Our information priorities lie in the Balkans, the Middle East, the African continent, Central and South East Asia and Southern America.  Scenario wise thinking is one of the core activities of our Consultancy.

Special attention is given to conflict areas, both previous and/or actual and to countries or regions that suffer from instability or try to overcome previous instable situations. On request CRRC designs and produces actual Country Profiles where we focus on political or ethnic- religious relations, security risks, human right situations, historical backgrounds or  the rule of law and developments in criminality.  Apart from written analysis products CRRC also offers briefings, presentations or interactive meetings on the above mentioned topics.

Our main target audience are  private companies,  internationally orientated NGO’s,  travel organizations, and  national and governmental organizations.

CRRC’s main  contribution is based on the fact that information concerning developments and / or specific situations in the dedicated regions or nations might be quite easy to obtain, but can  simultaneously  be abundant , shallow, politically (in-)correct or manipulated, out of date , conflicting or simply erroneous. Information from a large variety of different sources needs to be collected, checked, filtered, weighed and analyzed. This is a lengthy  and quite intensive process that asks for professional knowledge and experience. CRRC has  both.

CRRC is established  and owned by Freek Besselink MA. Freek  recently retired after 33 years of military service as  an Army Lieutenant Colonel. He has  a dedicated experience within the Military Intelligence Organization and as a Defense Attaché in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Freek  studied  History of Foreign Relations at Utrecht University and earned his degree in Contemporary History at Leiden University. He regularly teaches at the University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Defense Academy.